Whether or not you like either of these teams you have to admit it’s going to be a great game. Both the Cavs and the Celtics come into this game with an even record, 50-27, atop the Eastern Conference. With only 10 days until the NBA playoffs begin this WILL be the game that swings momentum, and I believe whoever wins this game will be winning the conference. As much as I hate to see both of these teams win, huge LeBron hater right here and fuck Boston, I’ll give you some quick thoughts.

Celtics are 28-10 at home, while the Cavs are an even 19-19 on the road. LeBron has played a combined 88 minutes over the past 2 games. Tristan Thompson, who had the longest active streak of consecutive games played (447), will NOT be playing tonight in Boston. All of this leads me to lean on the Celtics.

And that’s why I’ll take the Celtics -4 1/2 at home. DONT @ ME BITCH.

Image credited to http://kingjamesgospel.com