Pittsburgh Pirates @ Boston Red Sox

COME SAIL AWAY, COME SAIL AWAY, COME SAIL AWAY WITH ME. Chris Sale is now on the Boston Red Sox and this man’s morale has to be through the roof right about now. In the beginning of the 2016 season, Sale was dominant and became an absolute lock when he was on the hill. However, things changed when issues started to arise with the White Sox and when the White Sox just fell off in general. I blame the whole Chicago White Sox’s whole organization for Chris Sale finishing the season with a 3.34 ERA. Forget about that number and his last season. Look at now, Boston Red Sox, Chris Sale, this is what this man needed to get back on track for a Cy Young Award. He is ultimately lined up for success here in Boston tonight. Definitely will be facing a challenge against a good Pirates offensive team, but the Red Sox will keep Sale in control of the game and produce on their end to get him his first win with the BoSox. Taillon was supposedly this phenom when he was called up last year but went 5-4 with a 3.44 ERA. A phenom? Really? Yeah, I will easily take Chris Sale.

Red Sox -183 for the W!

Image taken from i.kinja-img.com