News just broke yesterday about Marshawn Lynch, aka Beast Mode, will be making a comeback per @PatMcAfeeShow at These sources state Beast Mode was visiting the Oakland Raiders practice facility, just giving them a little heads up that he wants to come out of retirement and play in the NFL once again.

I don’t know about everyone else, but this shit has got me HYPED THE FUCK UP. I fucking LOVE Marshawn Lynch. The way this guy runs with the ball is unreal and so much fun to watch. He might have two of the most unforgettable runs I’ve ever seen. First in the 2011 NFC Wildcard game against the Saints, and again in 2014 against the Cardinals. The way this guy can just toss 200 lbs defensive players off if with ease is just something you don’t see to often. This man is not tiny either, stopping a 215 lbs man with that speed is almost damn near impossible, especially with the cuts he can make at full speed. He runs through defenses like a soggy paper bag your parents used to pack your lunches in, after your Caprisun exploded, when you were a child. And who doesn’t love when a guy jumps into the endzone, turns around, and grabs his balls to just fuck with the other team? I can’t wait to see Lynch tell more teams to hold his jock.

I also think that the Raiders are a great fit for him. After losing Latavius Murray to the Vikings, and AP seeming to have interest with other teams, the Raiders are running out of options. Running backs are a thin position in the NFL as a majority of teams know. Too many teams run a comity back field, and don’t have a single running back that they can call on for every down. Beast Mode can undoubtedly be that guy. Lynch is just as explosive as the rest of this offense, with a top 10 QB that you can argue was top 5 at the end of the regular season last year, in addition to one of the best receiving cores in the league. Not to mention one of the best, IF NOT the best, O-line in the league. He may not be as young as Latavius is, but I still think Beast Mode has some gas left in the tank. Just feed this man the ball and some skittles and he will help take you to the promise land.

Good luck to Marshawn Lynch with the comeback, all of us here at SeekingCover believe in you. And if you don’t? Well you can hold both mine and Marshawn Lynch’s sweaty balls.

EDIT: I’m just writing this so I don’t get fined.

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