Cleveland Indians @ Arizona Diamondbacks

Josh Tomlin, how are we? I have been on the Josh Tomlin band wagon, which is not big whatsoever, since his return late in the 2015 season. Tomlin started off last season 9-1 and fell apart mid season, however he cleaned up and finished with a 2.84 ERA in his last 9 starts. Lets also highlight that the man is batting .500 (6 for 12) in the batters box! The D-backs have shown to be no walk in the park, their offense is hot. I just think Tomlin can really stay in control in this game and rely on his offense to get him the runs he needs. Which leads me to Shelby Miller, the most disappointing pitcher of the 2016 season right next to James Shields. Shelby Miller is a FRAUD and is not the Shelby Miller we saw during his Atlanta days. 3-12 with a 6.75 ERA in 20 starts!? Shelby, ya kidding me? That is absolutely disgusting. I would not say Tomlin will dominate this game, but I expect Miller to get tagged for multiple runs which will make the Diamondbacks fall short to the Indians.

Pick: Joshy T and the Indians -135


Photo taken by Charles Krupa