In case you’ve gotten this far and still haven’t realized, I won’t strictly be covering sports. Also, in case you’ve been living under a rock, Donald Trump ordered an air strike on a Syrian government airbase late last night (early in the morning in Syria). I won’t speculate on the political or humanitarian forces that drove him to make the decision as most news outlets are debating about today, but I will note that I firmly believe this is the start of World War 3. Russia claims they advised against the attack and called it an “aggression against a sovereign state in violation of the norms of international law,” basically calling it an act of war against a nation that we know they are allies with. As per CNN, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel, the UK, Japan, and Australia have all said that they support the air strike, whereas Russia, Iran, and China have all spoken out against it.

So there you have it folks, the teams for WWIII. I pray that this doesn’t lead to nuclear warfare, but the scary thing is that almost all of the countries listed above have the capability to take it to that level, and just about none of them are known for playing by the rules. In the meantime, I’ll take U.S. and allies to win this thing at -175. Honestly, unless Mexico and/or Canada were allied with our opponents to give them ground access to the U.S., I’d take U.S. vs. the world in most situations but there are some key elements that make us even more of a lock than usual. We saw in WWII that the Japanese are scrappy AF, so having them on our team this time around is a huge advantage. Israel is just constantly in a state of war, and every citizen is required to give service at some point, so they know what’s up as well. The rest of the countries are like, eh glad you’re on my side, but I wouldn’t really be worried if you weren’t either. As for the opponents, Russia is on the brink of a civil war. You can’t really tell because anyone that speaks out against Putin is either arrested or murdered, and they’re pretty tight with their media, but once war breaks out and ol’ Putty can’t focus as much on what’s happening inside his borders shit will hit the fan. I’ll be honest, I have no idea what Iran or China is capable of in terms of war, but after watching the Beijing olympics opening ceremony I will say I am a little afraid of going up against China. Not nearly enough to think we’ll lose it though.

I’ll also take over 2.5 years until the conflict is settled. I honestly believe Donnie is doing what he thinks is best for our country, but there’s no denying that growing up with many many millions, and growing that into billions of dollars warps your opinion of what actually is best for the country. That being said, the economy booms during times of war, and the man has said from day one that the economy will skyrocket with him as president. So, he’ll keep this going as long as he needs. Everyone he’s had a personal relationship with was rich enough to avoid serving in a war, even during times that we had a draft, so he doesn’t totally understand the ramifications of war. But from a business aspect, and to show the world that America will “win” with him as our president, he’ll go balls to the wall as long as he needs.

I don’t mean to minimize the severity of what’s happening in the world right now. I’m honestly scared shitless of what could end up happening if this war does start. All I’m saying that if it does escalate to war, it will take a while to finish up just like the war in Iraq, but I’m still confident that the good guys will prevail 100000/100000 times.