Wacha in a Winter wonder land!

Its not winter but that song is still better than any of the hot garbage Bronson arroyo has come out with over his failed music career.

That’s right… Bronson Arroyo will be pitching for the reds against Michael Wacha of the Cardinals. The same Bronson arroyo that hasn’t pitched since 2014 and pulled a Bernie Williams by being stupid enough to think he could make it as a musician.

Michael Wacha was absolutely atrocious last year, there’s no way around it — 5.09 era in 24 starts — but he bounced back this spring with a 4-0 record and a sub 3 era. It is for that reason that I’m expecting a big bounce back season for the 6’6 right hander, and it all starts here against a sub par reds lineup.

When you pair that with the fact that Bronson arroyo has a 4.19 career era and he is 40 YEARS OLD it could get ugly in St. Louis. His comeback is undoubtedly going to end up just like Barry Zito’s recent attempt at a comeback… A MISERABLE FAILURE.

One of Bronson Arroyo’s albums is named covering the bases and that’s exactly what this Cardinals lineup will be doing today when they are teeing off on that joke of a pitcher and musician.

Other Relevant Information:

Cardinals are 24-2-2 all time against the reds at Busch stadium.

The Cardinals have won Wacha’s last 7 starts against the Reds.


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