Lets just clear the air and start off by saying that the Knicks are arguably the worst managed organization in professional basketball of all time, the only other team I could see giving them a run for their money would be the Kings. Now that is out of the way there are a few things I would like to see the good ol’ Knickerbockers do in the offseason to give fans a glimmer of hope.


Carmelo Anthony:

I am apart of the minority that thinks that Carmelo is not the reason for all of the Knicks problems (besides hamstringing the Knicks by forcing himself to the New York and getting rid Gallinari, Mozgov, Chandler, Felton and a 2014 first round draft pick but that is neither here nor there). For a prolific scorer who has mainly been the only option for scoring on a consistent basis you have to cut the guy some slack. Averaging 24 points per game, 7.0 total rebounds, and 3.2 assists during his tenure with some GOD awful Knicks teams is a huge testament to his game. Although I hold Melo in high regards and thank him for dealing with Phil Jacksons cryptic twitter shenanigans and New York’s brutal fan base gracefully, I do not believe he is the answer and if you aren’t the answer you are a part of the problem. Carmelo is the equivalent to that girl you have had around for what seems like forever, she’s a good girl but she doesn’t surprise you with breakfast in the morning, have dinner cooked when you get home, or surprise you in bed with some ridiculously smoking hot lingerie. If you don’t see a future with that girl you just gotta let her go. Hopefully Melo and the Knicks can figure out a trade to give Melo, the organization and most importantly the fans a fresh start we all desperately need.

The Draft:

The draft is going to be HUGE (*President Donnie Trumps voice) for the Knicks. This draft class is one of the most stacked in recent years and because of Phil Jacksons antics it is the only way the Knicks are going to get a (possible) star. No solidified player wants to come to New York and why would they. The president of operations continually bashes the star player publicly and forces an ancient offense (that surprisingly doesn’t work) down the throats of players who HAAATE the triangle. I would like to see the Knicks (depending where they fall in the lottery) go after a point guard, if they get the 6th pick like they’re projected De’Aaron Fox from Kentucky or Dennis Smith from NC State would be the ideal pick. 6’4 and 6’2 respectively PGs not afraid to score and are competent defenders. In the Knicks later picks they should take someone who can shoot the rock or a big body rugged center who can grab boards and defend like a Kennedy Meeks to compliment KP’s swing 4 style of play.

The Rest Of The Team:

The only people I care to see the Knicks keep is KP, Billy Hernangomez, Ron Baker, and maybe Courtney Lee. Granted we’re stuck with old man Joakim Noah outrageous contract who is not even remotely close to the player he was in Chicago, so I guess he can stay. Ron Baker is a good bench guy to have, he is the iconic cheer leader role. He is always the first one off the bench high fiving people during timeouts and is always ready to give a spark to the team whether he gets only 2 mins or more serious mins. Besides those five everyone else can get cut or traded for all I care. Don’t get me wrong I don’t expect the Knicks to be a playoff contender next year I just hope they can get their heads out of their ass and make some progress to be fun to watch and somewhat competitive.

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