The San Diego Padres will be throwing Jhoulys Chacin, who flat out sucks. When you end up on the Padres that essentially means that no other team wanted your garbage ass, but the Padres welcome that as they have hope in anyone who can throw a strike. Next step for Chacin is just Triple A, because it does not get any worst than the Padres pitching rotation. He gave up 9 runs in 3.5 innings against Los Angeles last Monday. Another pathetic sesaon in the making here for you, Chacin. Anyways, lets get move on to the highlight here, THE STAR, Madison Bumgarner. This man has to be pissed off after going DUMB YAHTZ TWICE against the D-backs, taking the lead in both hits, and HE STILL DIDN’T GET THE WIN! Overall, Bumgarner looked solid against a good Diamondback’s offense and now he’s set up for a lock win. Bumgarner will shut down the Padres here and the Giants will tee off of Chacin and easily get Mad Bum the win. The Giants simply owe it to him to get him his first win. Give me Mad Bum and the Giants LARGE! This game is such a lock that we are making it our Pick of the Day (POD: 2-0)!


Pick: Giants -210 (3*)


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