UFC 210. The card that no one asked for and no one needs. Honestly, the UFC needs to get their shit together because they’re watering down their product. Back when you had Brock Lesnar, Anderson Silva, and Chuck Liddell bashing some skulls in on almost every card and the PPV was reasonably priced, there was nothing better than ordering a disgusting amount of wings and pizza and getting drunk with the boys on a Saturday night. Unless Connor McGreggor was fighting, the only reason I’ve paid for the fights in the last 5 years was in the hopes that two no-names went blow-for-blow like the legendary Forest Griffin and Stephan Bonnar fight from the Ultimate Fighter season 1. Seeing that fight so early in my life was like the first sip of scotch my dad gave me when I was in highschool. You feel that burn creep down the throat and for a split second you think you might hate it. Then you see the hair growing on your chest, get that tingle in your balls, and chase that high for the rest of your life like a crack head. News flash: you’re never getting that feeling again. You will black out every single time before you even get close. That is what the UFC has come down to.

The good news is I am a full-blown degenerate and borderline crackhead, so even though I won’t be watching the fights tonight, I will of course have some sweet action on any event where there’s money to be made. The most exciting news in the UFC since the last McGreggor fight was the fact that Cormier weighed in at 206.2 pounds yesterday which would have stopped his fight from being a title fight. But within ONE MINUTE, he ran backstage, came back out and weighed 205 to keep the title fight on the card. I wrestled in high school, so I know you can drop a half pound or so by wrapping yourself up in a plastic suit, packing a lip, running some laps and spitting like your life depends on it, but that would take a half hour at least. I don’t even know if I could gag myself to vomit a full 1.2 pounds in a minute. If he comes out missing some fingers or toes it would make more sense than the explanations than the “he took a dump or piss” theories I’m seeing. On top of the fact that DC is just a monster of a man and knows how to score points with the judges, that is the dedication you need to survive in the octagon, so I’m taking Cormier +110.

The only other fight worth rooting for a guy instead of just rooting for the bloodbath is Thiago Alves vs. Patrick Cote. In terms of physical features, Cote has the height and reach advantages which is the only reason I can see Vegas setting him as the favorite. Sorrey to break it to you, but Cotes is Canadian and too polite to win this fight. The stats tell the same story. Alves has a better take down defense, a better take down, he’s better at striking, and he’s better at defending against strikes. And, he’s not Canadian. Lock Alves up at +110 as well, and I’ll go on the record as saying I’m way more confident that he wins than DC winning.


Pic taken from: http://www.mmaweekly.com/daniel-cormiers-ufc-210-weigh-in-debacle-explained