This is Seeking Cover’s first Daily Fantasy lineup post. Today we have an all day baseball lineup so try to get it in before 1pm! Good Luck


Yu Darvish $11,500

Oh Herro! It’s Yu Darvish pitching at Angel Stadium, one of the closest MLB stadiums to Japan – no brainer here

Robert Gsellman $7,000

This guy is an absolute stud so I’m expecting him to bounce back from his last shaky start to shut down this Marlins lineup. And don’t leave your wife alone with this guy — she will come back a lot more pregnant than when you left her.

Salvador Perez $3,600

Our old friend Sally Perez – do I have to say anymore?…. I probably do but I won’t!

Miguel Cabrera $4,900

Miggy against Phil Hughes? Talk about a mismatch. Phil Hughes couldn’t strike out Helen Keller let alone a Venezuelan.

Rougned Odor $4000

Any chance you get to to take Rougned odor you take it. If his brother was in the MLB (also named Rougned Odor) you bet your ass he’d be in my draft Kings lineup as well

Ryon Healy $3,600

Ryon Healy’s parents don’t know how to spell, but they do know how to produce a son who can hit the piss out of the ball. Count me in on Ryon Healy.

Jose Iglesias $2,700

This guy is pretty much my throw away pick. Pretty much sucks at hitting but hey, I’ll take anyone who’s facing Phil Hughes am I right?

Jay Bruce $4,000

BRUUUUUUUCE! Is he the best player in the MLB that has two first names? I would have to say yes and that earns you a spot in my Draft Kings lineup.

Yoenis Cespedes $4,800

If you don’t take Yoenis Cespedes today you should be put in a nursing home. He’s going to be hitting balls out of Marlins Park that might actually land back in Cuba. Hey Raul .. better have your glove handy!

Aaron Judge $3,900

The judge has ruled and the verdict is….. this man can hit BOMBS. this baby bomber may need a bottle of warm milk after tonight’s game because he’s going to be tired from trotting around the bases all night.

And there you have it ladies and gentlemen. I’ve got 3 bucks on the line today so as they say in the biz – I’m all in.