What’s there left to say about this man? I honestly threw up in my mouth after watching Odell make this one handed grab over their top corner Janoris Jenkins. That’s how fucking sick it was, goddamn contagious. Is there any argument that he’s the best receiver in the league right now?

Listen. I understand that Antonio Brown is an amazing receiver, as well as Julio Jones, Mike Evans, and a few others. But, I mean, come on. Who else has the physical capabilities that Odell does? Cause I haven’t seen anyone shine a fucking light on this guy’s skills. He’s a cornerback’s worst nightmare. Secondaries can dream all they want about stopping him, but OBJ is Freddy fucking Kreuger. Turning those bitchass dreams into fucking nightmares after he slices and dices these scrubs into thin cold cuts. Eli doesn’t even need to put the ball in arms reach for him because he’s going to do some crazy acrobatic shit that makes people rub their eyes in disbelief. So bring it the fuck on Josh Norman. You’re gonna stink like shit after Odell goes up one on one against you, and drops a deuce right in your mouth while catching a one handed touchdown above you on a fade route, you jabroni bitch. Just please, for the love of god almighty, stay healthy.