Tim Tebow makes it into the news again for another heartwarming interaction with another one of his fans. Giving a nice little shoutout to one of his biggest supporters, a sweet elderly woman, who obviously had her life made by this gesture. He may not be the face of baseball, but he should be the goddamn face of humanity. Most likely, he’s the closest thing to “the second coming” we’ll ever see, even though he’s never cum in the first place. *budum tsssss*

If you don’t respect Tim Tebow, you are probably a HUGE piece of shit loser. I’m not even sure why people hate him in the first place, but if you do, you have to have some sort of respect for this man. I understand if he was trying to push his religion noise on others who are not trying to have it, cause I’m the first one to start casting stones at those jabronies, but he doesn’t even do that. He’s just a stand up individual and athlete who goes above and beyond for others.

Yeah he might be a virgin, but he’s by far the coolest virgin to ever live on the planet, it’s not even a competition really. You might say, “Hey, Isaac Newton was also a virgin and he came up with gravity”, yeah he was and yeah he did, but that guy was a science bitch while Tim Tebow is simply the man. If you’re 30 years old and still have yet to get your hot dog in a bun, you’re either a weirdo, a nerd, a gigantic loser, or maybe even a nice mixture of the three. But you are NONE  of those things if you’re Tim Tebow. I guess it’s just the fact that Timmy T could still fuck anyone he wants on this planet, guys, girls, trans, pans, and whatever/whoever else makes him the fucking man. One Heisman, two National Championships (been to three), a first round draft pick in the NFL (where he really wasn’t given much of a chance in my opinion), and is now crushing with the Mets organization’s farm league teams. Even snuck in a playoff win against Big Ben Rapelis-I mean-Roethlisberger. With all that said, even though this guy’s never fucked, he FUCKS. If everyone in the world had a little Tim Tebow in them (not literally cause, ya’know… he’s a virgin) this thing we call Earth would be a far better place.