You know who drags himself out of his bed at 9 in the morning to get a morning blog in? A man of the people, that’s who. My coffee and breakfast will be my reward for getting this post up before the 1:00 games.
“But Matt, there’s a London game at 9:30! Shouldn’t you have gotten up earlier so that you could have predicted every game and published the blog before kickoff?”
1. Anyone who gets out of bed before 9 on a Sunday for no reason is a mess.(Church and family breakfasts at 24 hour diners being the only exceptions).
2. It’s Ravens vs Jaguars (Ravens -3.5) and the game is in London. The Jaguars LOVE playing in London. I still am hating myself for picking Jacksonville over Tennessee last week (Unforgivable mistake) but I can’t quit the Jags.

Anyway, here’s this week’s picks. (Last week: 7-1) – LET’S GO!


Giants at Eagles (Eagles -6, 43.5)
(President Trump voice) “The Giants are a mess.”
MacAdoo’s going to continue to call plays against the Eagles despite having no idea at all what he’s doing, and then there’s this:
Philadelphia’s got a solid pass rush and New York has multiple trash cans on wheels playing offensive line on a short week.
I asked some of my friends that are Giants fans who they’d rather have at left tackle between Ereck Flowers and Will Beatty (who’s a free agent by the way) and my favorite answer by far was “Just kill me instead”.
Droop’s pick: Eagles

Texans at Patriots (Patriots -14, 44.5)
The Pats face a formidable defense at home, but are getting a lot of help back this week. Danny Amendola, Rob Gronkowski, Chris Hogan, and Phillip Dorsett are all anticipated to play. Rex Burkhead is OUT (Start James White in fantasy and pray that Mike Gilleslee doesn’t vulture his touchdowns from inside the 5). Patriots Right Tackle Marcus Cannon is listed as questionable. He’s shown up against JJ Watt in the past – if he plays it will offer the Pats a huge boost in the passing game . Jonathan Joseph, who was listed as questionable for the Texans earlier this week is also assumed to be playing. I just think the Pats have too much star power to lose this game at home.
Droop’s pick: Patriots

Atlanta Falcons at Detroit Lions (Falcons -3, 50.5)
Both of these teams can put up points – only one of these teams has Julio Jones, who is a living breathing cheat code. The Falcons dynamic offense will be enough to carry them to a win in the dome.
Droop’s pick: Falcons

Broncos at Bills (Broncos -3.5, 39)
I’m not sure any analysis is necessary – if you don’t take Denver over Buffalo here you don’t like free money.
Droop’s pick: Broncos

Steelers at Bears (Steelers +7.5, 43.5)
Roethlisberger plays differently on the road than at home. That’s what the internet says anyway, and I’ve never known the Internet to lie about anything, ever. (Over the past 3 seasons, #7 has a 109.5 passer rating at home vs a 85.3 rating on the road). That being said, this is the Bears we’re talking about here, who were just crushed 29-7 by the Bucs last week. Pittsburgh rolls this Sunday.
Droop’s pick: Steelers

Saints at Panthers (Panthers -5.5, 46.5)
There are three certainties in life, folks.
1. Death
2. Taxes
3. The Saints having a defense that is unwatchable.
This is a game I’d hate to bet on. Ordinarily I’d say this is a game for Carolina’s offense to get back on track given that you or me could probably start in the secondary for New Orleans, but Carolina’s leading receiver, Tight End Greg Olsen, is out indefinitely. I just can’t see the Saints falling to 0-3.
Droop’s pick: SAINTS (loud “Oooh” of surprise comes from the imaginary studio audience)

Buccaneers at Vikings (+2.5, 39.5)
Grass is green, the sky is blue, Sam Bradford is missing another game with an injury. Case Keenum couldn’t hit the side of a Good Year Blimp from 10 yards out. The Bucs have serious offensive firepower.
Droop’s pick: Buccaneers

Browns at Colts (+1.5, 42.5)
STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING RIGHT NOW because the Browns are favorites on the road for the first time in 2 years! This is another game I’m really unsure of. It’s so tempting to take the Browns because they’ve been playing better than recent memory and I think Kizer will bounce back from his four turnover week 2 game. The Colts also stink.
And yet…..

Dolphins at Jets (+6.5, 46.5)
jets 2.png
It’s been a bad year for Jets fans and it’s going to get worse before it gets better. The season is still young and I don’t anticipate the Jets winning games to take themselves out of optimal draft position until later in the season.
Dolphins get it done.
Droop’s pick: Dolphins


Seahawks at Titans (-2.5, 41)
This is a tough one and one of the more interesting matchup on the day. The Seahawks defense is legit while Marcus Mariota looks to improve on a good showing against Jacksonville last week. Both teams have capable defenses, although I give the defensive edge to Seattle. My main area of concern for Seattle is their offensive ineptitude. I trust Mariota to lead some sensible drives for points and for the Titans to hold on to the football. First team to 20 points wins this one.
Droop’s pick: Titans

Bengals at Packers (-7.5, 47)
The Bengals offense should’ve come with a parental advisory warning last Thursday against the Texans. Andy Dalton played the entire game like a man drunk in a bounce castle. On the flip side, the Pack have a guy under center who’s a lot better than Dalton. Early reports today indicate that Jordy Nelson is IN against the Bengals today, which makes picking the Packers a lot easier.
Droop’s pick: Packers

Chiefs at Chargers (+3, 47.5)
The Chiefs are, as of right now, one of if not the best teams in football. On the other end, the Chargers are the best 0-2 team in football, and are a play or two from having a much better record on the season. The Chargers, who are coping with some injuries to key players, don’t have that much of a home field advantage either, and rumors are already circulating that the NFL may pull the plug on LA and bring them back to San Diego
Droop’s pick: Chiefs


Raiders at Redskins (+3, 54.5)
The Redskins aren’t anything special, and the Raiders boast the #4 offense in the league.  Khalil Mack will be able to pressure Kirk Cousins. I’m taking the Raiders by at least a touchdown.
Droop’s pick: Rrrrrraiders


Cowboys at Cardinals (+3, 46.5)
Fun fact: Tom Brady (9 yards) had more rushing yards than Zeke Elliot did (8 yards) against Denver last week.
The Cardinals are not the Denver Broncos, and I anticipate the Cowboys offensive line to hold off Arizona’s pass rush. The Cardinals are still looking for offensive identity, and I assume Dak Prescott and his offense will bounce back in the desert.
Droop’s pick: Cowboys