I had a terrible slice of pizza last night for my pre-binge drinking meal and I think there’s a few things that need to be addressed when discussing the quality of a pizza slice before we get rolling here. First thing’s first – the cheese to sauce ratio needs to be 60:40 at minimum. I don’t think it gets more simple than that – there should always be more cheese than sauce. Next, and this was the worst part – the sauce was clearly from a can. Folks – sauce is extremely easy to make. That this place would use canned sauce is just a slap in the face to the pizza gods. A travesty, if you will. JESUS WEPT. The best indicator of whether or not a pizzeria is any good is the crowd. If you walk by a place and there isn’t at least one person in there eating at non-dinner/lunch hours, then the pizza place is certifiably trash. Don’t go to The Brick in Hoboken. #TeamNapolisForever

Anyway folks, we went 10 and 4 last week – HOW ABOUT THAT?

Raiders at Bills (Buffalo -2.5)
I said last week that I need to start putting more respeck on the Bills’ name – I’m going to continue to do so. They’re at home and have a legit defense.
Droop’s pick: Bills

Colts at Bengals (Bengals -10.5)
Both of these teams STINK. The Colts are just a putrid mess and the Bengals are probably going to miss out on another shot to go one and done in the playoffs this year. Meanwhile, AJ McCarron continues to waste away on the bench for Cincy. I’ve been saying since he was drafted that McCarron is the real deal and I’ll continue to do so. #FreeAJMcCarron
Droop’s pick: Bengals

Chargers at Patriots (Patriots -7.5)
It seemed like the Pats defense was starting to turn a corner in back to back weeks, but the loss of Dont’a Hightower for the year is a huge blow to a linebacker group that was already depleted in the first place. They still have that Tom Brady fellow though. He’s pretty good.
Droop’s pick: Patriots

Bears at Saints (Saints -9.5)
Chicago’s defense has really come on strong the past couple of weeks. Their issue is moving the ball on offense, and I don’t think the addition of Dontrelle Inman is going to be what puts their offense over the top. I can’t pick against the Saints at home.
Droop’s pick: Saints

Falcons at Jets (Jets +6)
Last week’s game against the Patriots convinced me that the Falcons suffered irreparable psychological harm from choking in the super bowl. They are totally lost on offense. Part of that is Steve Sarkisian’s fault. The Jets meanwhile continue to play themselves out of top draft pick contention. The weather’s gross in New Jersey today – I’m going with Gang Green for the upset.
Droop’s pick: J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS

49ers at Eagles (Eagles -12.5)
The 49ers are not a good football team.
Droop’s pick: Eagles

Panthers at Buccaneers (Panthers +1)
This is a tough call especially considering how pathetic the Panthers looked against Chicago last week. Cam Newton’s play matched his fashion sense – horrific. Jameis Winston is rumored to have reinjured his shoulder last week so he will not be 100%.
Droop’s pick: Panthers

Texans at Seahawks (Seahawks -5.5)
Rough week for Texans owner Bob McNair who basically called his entire football team prisoners. Not great! DeAndre Hopkins was so pissed he walked out of the building and didn’t practice. It’s too hard to pick against the Seahawks at home.
Droop’s pick: Seahawks

Cowboys at Redskins (Cowboys +2)
The PC crowd isn’t going to be a fan of this matchup. Washington played the Eagles tough last week but I think Dallas +2 is a safe pick.
Droop’s pick: Cowboys

Steelers at Lions (Steelers +2.5)
Speaking of teams whose defenses are starting to really play well, we have the Steelers coming into Detroit. Pittsburgh is going to get it done on the road.
Droop’s pick: Steelers

Broncos at Chiefs (Chiefs -7)
The Broncos have scored 10 points in their last 2 games combined. Trevor Siemian is to quarterbacking as I am to talking to girls at the bar. We’re not good at it, but you’ve gotta keep on trying, right? Neither of these teams can afford to lose 3 in a row. Chiefs will bounce back this week.
Droop’s pick: Chiefs