Went to a karaoke bar in Chinatown last night – was my first time really exploring the place since most of the time I’m usually going to a show downtown and just stopping at Bar 169 (Great dive if you’re into that kind of thing – 169 East Broadway – Just take the subway to Canal Street). Had to walk through what is probably a fish market during the day to get to the place (do the math on that one) but otherwise it was a pretty good time. I’d definitely go back. Here’s the only thing that really freaked me out – we stopped in a pizza place and the pizza had the marinara sauce ON TOP of the cheese going around in circles expanding out from the middle. WHAT IS THAT? Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re thinking – “Well idiot, you went to a pizza place in Chinatown, what’d you expect?” But let me stop you for a second – a plain slic–no, no–PIZZA IN GENERAL, is pretty easy to make. Bread, sauce, cheese, in that order. Come on, Chinatown. CLEAN IT UP! By the way, RUTGERS JUST WON IT’S 3rd GAME OUT OF 4. DON’T LET RUTGERS GET HOT! (again).

Atlanta at Carolina (Falcons +2)
Great game to watch if you want to witness two offenses sputter all afternoon. Kelvin Benjamin is in Buffalo now – one less target for Cam Newton. It’s going to be an ugly one. Atlanta’s offense will make a few more plays than Carolina’s and come out on top.
Droop’s pick: Falcons

Baltimore at Tennessee (Titans -3.5)
Joe Flacco returns to game action today after getting his soul forcibly removed from his body by Kiko Alonso last week. Mariota didn’t look himself last week against Cleveland (Hard to think of a game more deserving of “burningdumpster.gif” than that one last week). I think he’ll feel more like himself this week and get it done at home.
Droop’s pick: Titans

Cincinnati at Jacksonville (Jags -6)
Jags are fresh off a bye week welcoming Cincinnati to town. I expect their defense to continue the tear that they’ve been on.
Droop’s pick: JAGS

Denver at Philly (Eagles -8)
The Broncos have easily the worst quarterback situation in the league at the moment. You or I could get under center for Denver and be about as effective as Trevor Siemian has been recently. Behind Siemian they have Brock Heistweiler/Finesseweiler/whatever you want to call him. Not good. Fire up the #WentzWagon cuz Denver’s defense is going to be on the field a lot today.
Droop’s pick: Eagles

Indianapolis at Houston (Texans -7)
Watson being lost for the year is absolutely devastating to the Texans. He was on pace for 47 touchdowns this season – which would shatter Peyton Manning/Russell Wilson’s shared rookie record. Tom Savage (RUTGERS!!!) being under center for Houston definitely changes the complexion of this game, but I think Houston guts it out. The Colts also will be missing Vontae Davis for what it’s worth because they literally have no idea how to report injuries out there. Doubt Houston cover’s here – think it ends up being a 3 point game most of the way – try to avoid this one.
Droop’s pick: Texans

LA Rams at New York Giants (Rams +4)
The Giants are going to play this game close but need to be able to run the ball if they’re going to find any offensive success against this defense. I don’t see that happening.
Droop’s pick: Rams

Tampa Bay at New Orleans (Saints -7)
Tampa Bay continues to underachieve. The Superdome in Nola is not the place to be for a struggling team trying to figure it out at this point in the season.
Droop’s pick: Saints

Arizona at San Francisco (Cards +2)
The Cardinals will be without Carson Palmer today, which means they will lean heavily on their rushing attack in San Francisco. San Francisco’s rush defense is giving up around 130 yards per game on the ground. Adrian Peterson’s getting the ball all day. I’m buying the Cards today
Droop’s pick: Cardinals

Washington at Seattle (Seahawks -7.5)
Seattle’s defense is coming off a game they were absolutely torched by Deshaun Watson. While Kirk Cousins can move, he’s not going to kill them with speed. His receivers aren’t as great either. Expect Seattle to put in a good defensive effort today.
Droop’s pick: Seahawks

Kansas City at Dallas (Chiefs +2)
NFL Passing leaders:
Tom Brady – 2541 yards
(drum roll)
Alex Smith – 2181 yards
(All of this must be read in John Gruden’s voice) What can I say about Alex Smith, man? Here’s a guy that’s playing at an EM-VEE-PEE level. He can hurt ya with his speed, he can hurt ya with his arm, and the Chiefs have some pretty neat formations they can run because of his skill set which makes defensive coordinators tear their hair out. I love what he’s doing in Kansas City right now, man. Alex Smith is the kinda guy you could invite to your family barbecue and he’d bring a nice big bowl of potato salad with him, man. What a football player.
Droop’s pick: Chiefs (my lock of the day)

Oakland at Miami (Raiders +3)
Carr’s going to feel better and better as the weeks go on and the Raiders get Beastmode back in action. No, I don’t anticipate Miami to put in another putrid defensive effort like they did against the Ravens last week – but I don’t anticipate them winning this game either.
Droop’s pick: RRRRRRaiders

Detroit at Green Bay (EVEN)
Nothing like a good old pick ’em game to close out the week. This is a game where not having Aaron Rodgers really hurts the Packers chances. Matt Stafford can sling it, folks. I’m going to take Detroit in this one.
Droop’s pick: Lions