Last week was rough – I didn’t even post a recap because there was no point. I stunk. It’s on me – I’ve got to be better and I will try to be better. We’re going to change it up the header image this week and hopefully avoid the result being like when Bill Belichick wore a red hoody instead of a grey one in the Super Bowl that one time.

This week we’re being treated to some PRIME Quarterback match-ups, my friends. Blaine Gabbert vs Tom Savage. Osweiler vs Dalton. Get your popcorn ready. I can hear the NFL Red Zone guy’s voice already…
“We’re still waiting for some points of any kind in the Cardinals / Texans game…”
Who has it better than Brock Osweiler, though? Imagine getting paid millions of dollars to show up and underachieve at work every day? The Browns are paying his salary and he doesn’t even play for them. Getting paid by someone you don’t even work for? That’s big league stuff right there. Osweiler’s not a good quarterback, but I’m a fan of his ability to finesse teams out of money. You do you, Brock. You’re an inspiration to us all who want to get paid for doing little to no work at our jobs. A true American hero.

Buccaneers v. Dolphins (even)
Speaking of backup tier quarterbacks collecting starting QB money, Ryan Fitzpatrick gets the start for Tampa Bay against Miami since Jameis Winston is still hurt. He’ll have Mike Evans back fresh off a suspension for trying to kill somebody in the Saints game last week. The good thing for Miami is that this isn’t a prime time game, but that’s about it. Basically, their chances of losing by 40 are drastically reduced. Still think Tampa Bay comes away with this one.
Droop’s pick: Bucs

Lions at Bears (Lions +3)
Few teams have frustrated me this year like the Bears have in terms of picking games. Their offense is poor, but they steal games with special teams and defensive play. I have no idea why the O/U is at 40.5 for this game – just don’t see that many points being scored.   I like Detroit in this game – I expect it to be ugly with not a lot of action. I’d probably avoid this one also. In any case..
Droop’s pick: Lions

Jaguars at Browns (Jags +7.5)
The only question here is if Jacksonville can pitch a shutout on defense against the low energy Cleveland Browns, who face a real possibility of going winless (Again). But it’s okay, ownership met with players to discuss the rebuilding process. Rebuilding? Effort? The Browns are 1-24 since Hue Jackson took over as coach. They also could’ve had Deshaun Watson. Way to go, guys!
Droop’s pick: Jags

Ravens at Packers (Packers +2)
Danny Woodhead returns to game action for the Ravens in Green Bay today. That’s all I’ve got. I don’t know what to expect in this game that’s probably going to be awful and I’m only taking the Packers because they’re at home. Avoid this one.
Droop’s pick: Pack

Cardinals at Texans (Cards +2.5)
Blaine Gabbert vs. Tom Savage – the quarterback matchup we’ve all been waiting for. The Texans without Deshaun Watson are an absolute mess. The Cardinals are just another mediocre team. This is another crappy game that I’d probably avoid but am going to pick Arizona because Tom Savage is a Rutgers quarterback – you can take a player out of Rutgers, but you can’t take the Rutgers out of a player.
Droop’s pick: Cardinals

LA Rams at Vikings (Vikings -2.5)
In spite of all the terrible games today, there are a few good ones with playoff implications – this being one of them. Minnesota is the home team, but I’m going to ride with the LA Rams, who I expect to make a statement win today.
Droop’s pick: Rams

Redskins at Saints (Saints -7.5)
This might look like a tough game on paper, but I don’t think it is. The Saints pass defense all of the sudden not being terrible is one of the few under-the-radar storylines of this season. I think they continue to play well this week – Drew Brees in the dome? Can’t pick against him.
Droop’s pick: Saints

Chiefs at Giants (Chiefs +10.5)
The Giants lost to the 49ers last week, which basically proves my theory that the players have quit on Ben MacAdoo. If the NYG had OBJ I’d say it could be closer, but it won’t be. Can’t wait to see the NY Post headlines on the way to work tomorrow.
Droop’s pick: Chiefs

Bills at Chargers (LA -6)
The Nathan Peterman era begins for the Bills this Sunday. I’m not optimistic and neither should Bills fans. Flying across the country for your first start on the road? Rivers and friends get it done at home.
Droop’s pick: Chargers

Bengals vs. Broncos (Broncos -2.5)
Denver is the favorite here only because they’re at home. Their defense has been having some issues, but that’s okay because it’s ANDY DALTON coming to town! Not that the Broncos have much to feel good about either. Yano, their quarterback being Brock Osweiler and all. This game is a turd sandwich. The Bengals are a disappointment, and will probably give Marvin Lewis another contract extension if they miss the playoffs. Also, FREE AJ MCCARRON!!
Droop’s pick: Denver Donkeys

Pats at Raiders (Pats -7) (In Mexico City)
This will be a good one. New England seems to (key word; seems) to have resolved the defensive issues that plagued them early on in the season. Malcolm Butler is still struggling – it will be interesting to see how Belichick tries to keep Amari Cooper under wraps.
Matchup to watch: Oakland’s DL vs NE’s OL. RT Marcus Cannon and Center David Andrews will not play today. NE will need to shuffle their line as a result, who faces the tall task of fighting off Bruce Irvin and Khalil Mack, two of the premiere rushers in the league. However, there’s no team like the Pats in terms of getting the most out of their 2nd and 3rd string guys. Ageless wonder (and maybe a vampire?) Tom Brady will lead the way for his team today.
Droop’s pick: Pats

Eagles at Cowboys (Eagles +4.5)
Cowboys are missing Tyron Smith and Sean Lee – two very important pieces. Not having Zeke also hurts them offensively. This is not a game you want to be missing multiple star players when the best team in the league comes to town.
Eagles are my LOCK of the day.
Droop’s pick: Eagles

Falcons at Seahawks (Falcons +1.5)
Richard Sherman and Kam Chancellor are both done for the year.
Matchup to watch: Falcons DL vs. Seahawks OL
Atlanta’s offensive line dominated Dallas last week – Seattle’s starting Guard Luke Joeckel is already out – if Duane Brown (Questionable) is also downgraded to out, Seattle could be missing their entire starting left side of their offensive line, a group that has struggled to protect the quarterback this year as it is. Russell Wilson’s mobility makes the loss hurt a little less, but Steve Sarkisian’s offense can find its way at Century Link Field against a team ravaged by injuries.
Droop’s pick: Seahawks