I’m not a big vegetables guy – never have been, probably never will be. Last night I was eating the chinese food I ordered and I realized that those two pieces of broccoli they throw in with the General Tso’s chicken are completely unnecessary. Here’s an idea, guys: maybe give me two extra pieces of chicken instead of undercooked smelly broccoli? Just a thought. Vegetables stink.


Vikings at Falcons (Vikings +3)
Case Keenum is slinging it lately (never thought i’d ever type such a sentence), backed by a very legit defense. The Falcons will be without Desmond Trufant.
What to watch for: while Mohamed Sanu has had a pretty good year, all eyes are going to be on Xavier Rhodes and Julio Jones. The Falcons offense has been anemic at times, and if Rhodes can put the clamps on Jones then it might be a long day for Matt Ryan and co.
Droop’s pick: Vikings

Lions at Ravens (Ravens -3)
Matt Stafford has an ankle injury and is going against one of the best defenses in the league. Joe Flacco continues to steal money from the Ravens and play terrible football. The last time Matt Stafford played against Baltimore he tossed 3 picks in a 16-18 loss. That was in 2013, but I believe that Detroit is going to turn the ball over some today.
Droop’s pick: Ravens

Pats at Bills (Pats +9)
Should Tom Brady lead the Pats to a win in Buffalo today, he will have won there 14 times in his career – putting him in a tie for most wins of any QB who has played in the city since 2001 – including all of Buffalo’s starting quarterbacks in that time frameIn his last 3 games in Buffalo, he’s thrown 11 touchdowns and no picks. Expect more of the same from #12 today.
Droop’s pick: Pats

49ers at Bears (Bears -3)
Good god what a shitshow this game is going to be. The only saving grace for this matchup is that Jimmy Garoppolo gets his first career start against a defense that has played well this season. Garoppolo impressed in his relief of Tom Brady during his tenure in New England, and 49er fans are (rightfully so) excited to see what the kid can do. I’m going with the 49ers here because I think Jimmy G is the real deal.
Droop’s pick: 49ers

Bucs at Packers (Packers -2.5)
Green Bay’s strong showing against the Pittsburgh Steelers last week has made picking this game a little bit easier for me. Tampa Bay is an underachieving football team (they haven’t achieved dumpster fire level yet even though this season has been a failure for them). Underachieving teams don’t just walk into Lambeau field and win.
Droop’s pick: Packers

Colts at Jaguars (Jags -10)
The first time these teams met this season in Indy Jacksonville mollywhopped them 27-0. This Colts season is the end result of years of terrible drafting by (now fired) Ryan Grigson – they’re not a talented bunch. It’s not easy putting faith in Blake Bortles all the time, but Jacksonville’s defense can make you feel a little bit better about taking them in this matchup.
Droop’s pick: Jaguars

Broncos at Dolphins (Broncos +2)
Speaking of underachieving football teams, here’s another matchup that stinks. I don’t know who the Broncos play at QB but Miami has had difficulty moving the ball this season, which could make things difficult against a Denver defense that hasn’t always played its best, but can still hurt you – especially if your quarterback (JAY CUTLER REVENGE GAME ALERT!!!) is Jay Cutler.
Droop’s pick: Broncos

Chiefs at Jets (Chiefs +3)
Finally, the people in Vegas have realized that making Kansas City 10 point favorites every week is absolutely idiotic. I’ve told myself that I will not pick the Chiefs in any game going further until Alex Smith is benched and Patrick Mahomes gets to start. Of course that means that the Chiefs will probably win today if I go with the Jets, but I’ll take my chances.
Droop’s pick: Jets

Texans at Titans (Titans -6.5)
For all the talk about enhanced interrogation techniques and the messed up shit the CIA does to get terrorists in GTMO to get them to talk, have they ever considered forcing captured jihadists to watch Tom Savage try to play quarterback? The future is bright in Houston now that they know they have a quarterback in DeShaun Watson, but until then I can’t pick them to win games, especially not against division leaders.
Droop’s pick: Titans

Browns at Chargers (Chargers -14)
The Browns stink. Don’t feel funny about this line either – Cleveland is only scoring 15 points per game and they have to travel to the west coast. The potential to go 0-16 looms large for the Browns.
Droop’s pick: Chargers

Panthers at Saints (Saints -5.5)
Finally, an intriguing matchup that doesn’t suck on paper! Drew Brees and Cam Newton will do battle in the Superdome for the NFC South lead. This game may be close in the beginning, but New Orleans will pull away. I can’t in good conscience pick against Drew Brees at home.
Droop’s pick: Saints

Rams at Cardinals (Rams +7)
Do you trust Blaine Gabbert to
A) play well against LA’s defense
B) score enough points to win this game?
I don’t.
Droop’s pick: Rams

Giants at Raiders (Raiders -9)
Way to go, New York. You made Eli cry. SHAME!
Geno Smith (Good God almighty, he’s still here?) gets the start today. I really don’t have much to say about that – we know Geno Smith stinks at quarterback, but we also need to give credit where credit is due – he did, after all, bring us this gem. Raiders by a trillion, and Mike Francesa is going to blow a gasket again.
Droop’s pick: Raiders

Eagles at Seahawks (Eagles +5)
The Eagles are the best team in the league right now, but it should not be overlooked at the combined win percentage of all the teams they’ve beaten this year is not even .400. If Richard Sherman and Cam Chancellor were in this game for Seattle I’d say it was a close one, but Carson Wentz is legit and primed to feast on a Seattle team decimated by injuries to key playmakers.
Droop’s pick: Eagles

Steelers at Bengals (Steelers +5)
We’ve discussed previously in my other posts about how the Steelers play less great on the road. They also are notorious for playing down to their opponents. I think Cincinnati will hang around, but the Steelers are a pretty safe pick in this matchup.
Droop’s pick: Steelers